Prairie Outpost Log Homes is a General Contracting firm which specializes in the construction of Log and Timber Frame Homes. We are licensed and incorporated in the state of North Dakota. Log and Timber homes have moved way beyond Honest Abe’s cabin of old. Today Log and Timber homes are as warm, dry and energy efficient as they are beautiful.

The mechanized fast pace of daily life is propelling the swell of interest in Log and Timber. Though possessing every modern conveniece, these homes built of natural materials feel authentic, feel right. Put simply; feel like home. When we returned to North Dakota to start our business and family, we quickly came to realize that North Dakota afforded a similar lifestyle. A lifestyle of tradition and closeness to the land, where all the modern conveniences are readily available.

We feel strongly about North Dakota and have a passion for our work. It has been a wonderful journey to find that clients still value craftsmanship, quality and a handshake. We look forward to hearing from you, as we enjoy discussing Logs and Timber. Please give us a call or drop an email.